jueves, 17 de enero de 2008

Por que te amo...

1. I love you cause your beautiful.

2.I love you cause you are my love and my best friend.

3 .I love you cause I can trust you.

4. I love you cause you can make me laugh.

5. I love you cause I can make YOU laugh.

6.. I love you cause you got a wonderful smile.

7. I love you cause your my first thought in the morning, and my last thought at night.

8. I love you cause you make me feel like the most lucky person on this earth.

9. I love you cause when i say I love you i feel a good and confident, as well as those so called "butterflies" you get in your stomach.

10. I love you cause I can cry to you.

11. I love you cause I can depend on you.

12. I love you cause youll give me a kiss whenever I need one

13. I love you cause without you in my life, theres nothing.

14. I love the way you tell me I love you Diana

15. I love the way you tell me how sexy i am.

16. I love telling you how beautiful you are y como te pones penosha..

17. I love cause you make me more happy than any person can.

18. I love you cause you are always with me.

19. I love the way you call me Flaca.

20. Te amo por q eres tu! y yo puedo ser yo contigo.

jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2007

I love you like the Sunset...

I love you like the sunset.

When I watch the sun go down
I know I’ve made it through a whole day and
I’m glad, your love is as wonderful…

When we have problems or a fight
I know you will be there,
like the sun rise in the morning.

I am grateful that you’re there,
in the moments when I don’t believe in myself.
You’re always telling me that I can do anything,
and pushing me,
because you believe in me.

I love you like the faithful sunset.

Te amo Geekier como no tienes idea mi amor.. en nuestros momentos punks se q siempre vas a estar ahi para apoyarme en todo.. te amo geekier..


Miles and miles and miles apart.
Although so far you've touched my heart.
Your laugh, your voice, your adoring smile,
Seem to shorten every mile.

I wake every morning and rest at night,
my thoughts and dreams filled with your sight.
Oh how I wish, even for one night,
I could lay in your arms and you hold me tight.

Not just a little bruised or battered,
When I think of the distance it's completely shattered.
We'll never give up or say goodbye.
Remember together, the moon in the sky.
Your heart's a part of me and mine of you.
With that alone, we shall not be blue.
and fight to be close of all of those miles..

Are you real?

We're lost in a dreamworld
Just you and I
No one else in this private place
We talk, we listen and we make love
I feel your lips moving over mine
Your hand touching my face
Just you and I in our own little space.

I might take time to look into your eyes
I might take time to know your touch
But you've filled an emptiness inside
That I needed Oh so much.
We met by fate, We loved in dreams
Was it really real?
But I can close my eyes
When ever I want and pretend
It's you I feel.

Your eyes, your touch, your kiss
These I'll know someday
I keep them hidden deep inside
within my very soul
What ever else we may have had
YOU have made me whole
You have ME just for YOU

miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2007


sabes que no es cierto...

pero ya que...

Cositas asi...

tu mirada es...

luz que llena mi vida
paz que calma mi dolor
esperanza de un nuevo dia
la ilusión del amor

tu mirada tierna
reconforta mi alma
es dulce caricia
que brilla al alba

tu mirada alegre
ilumina mis dias
es el sol de mi vida
y mi refugio siempre

tu mirada refleja lo mejor de ti
esa bondad y ternura que no tienen fin
nobleza que contagia, cariño que crece

en tu mirada me veo...
veo como me miras...
veo lo que ves en mi...
en ti veo el amor...
veo mi pasado, mi presente y mi futuro
te veo amor...
te veo verme
te veo amarme
te amo...
te amo por tu mirada
amo tu mirada
amo tu tranparencia
amo todo lo que eres...

Cuando llegue ese dia..

estando sola en esta oscuridad
quisiera ver la luz de tu mirar
la chispa que me hara ver la realidad
la realidad de mi destino
un destino que aun no tiene final
escribiendo apenas estoy
la historia que sera mi verdad
la historia que definira mi vida
la vida que tu me daras
y junto con ella mi felicidad
quisiera ver el resplandor del sol
el sol de cada amanecer,
el sol de tu sonrisa
el sol de tu dulce mirar
esperando aun estoy
esperando tu llegar
la llegada más esperada
para gritar de felicidad,
cuando llegara el dia,
el dia en que nos podamos amar..